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All potential clients must book a free ten minute consultation prior to booking a session in order to identify the client's goals and ensure that they are a match for our services.

Sandy Beach

Free Consultation

This is a free ten minute phone or video call for client and practitioner to have a meet and greet, determine compatibility, and outline how that particular clients' needs can be met within the variety of services offered.

Energy Healing

Healing Session

After a consultation, client and practitioner meet via video call or in person to begin the healing journey. This can and will look different for each individual, as well as each and any necessary follow up sessions. Some clients may be guided into a hypnotic trance while others may be guided through Timeline Therapy, EMI or any other suitable modality. This is a custom curated process specifically designed to meet the exact needs at that point in time.

Rock Balancing

Personal Coaching

Some clients are looking for guidance navigating a specific period of time in their life and desire a support system to help them reframe their perspectives and view their unique challenges through a new or sometimes spiritual lense.

Flexible payment options allow you to pay per session or save on three or 5 session bundle packages. 

Enjoy free Voxer support between calls.

Meditating in Nature

Book an Appointment

When you know you're ready to take the next step in your healing journey

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