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Leaves Shadow


My name is Erica McPherson.

I look forward to serving you on your expansion journey.  

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Leaves Shadow

Mine began in early 2020, when we experienced the lockdown during the pandemic. I was eager to grow and become a better version of myself, even if I didn't really know where to start or how to do it. I began listening to podcasts such as Rob Dial's The Mindset Mentor. I started following inspiring influencers on social media that taught me the importance of gut health and probiotics. 


I needed baby steps. And a foundation.

I had an undeniable calling to do more with myself, my life and my potential. I felt stuck; I was frustrated and desperate for change. I was living a life full of anxiety, worry and fear. I desperately wanted things to go right, so I tried to control every aspect that I could. I was easily irritated by people. Impatient, and full of self doubt.

Finally in the fall of 2021 I found what I really needed.

I spent the next months learning about energy healing, and learned how to value my emotions. Within six months I was naturally cured from chronic accute pain that I had been experiencing without relief for years. Where before I had daily persistant spasms that left me in tears, I now have had zero pain for the past 15+ months. The aspects of my life that caused me so much stress and anxiety have deflated and all but resolved themselves. 

I've gained, no, developed so much discernment and self trust that I now have the confidence I never thought possible to be able to share my message and what I've learned with you; so that you too can grow, evolve, and unlearn the programming keeping you from your true potential.  

I look forward to serving you on your expansion journey.

Love and Light,


Leaves Shadow
Green Leaves
Leaves Shadow


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