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Lotus in Bloom

Welcome to Hypnotic Evolution

A place to find a personalized combination of Energy Work and Hypnotherapy services aimed at helping individuals identify and heal the root of their self-limiting perceptions or behaviors.

What can Hypnotic Evolution help me with?


Take control of your emotional state


Process and release stuck trauma


Treat phobias


Manage triggers



Overcome addictions

And so much more. The real question is what are you ready to take control of?

Our Passion

"Helping clients unlock the power of their minds and their true potential through conscious deprogramming"


Please enjoy this free Heart Opener Meditation designed to help even those new to meditation become aware of and expand their heart center.

Heart Opener MeditationErica McPherson
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Leaves Shadow
Leaves Shadow

Sissy Clement, MI

"I have experienced childhood trauma, family losses, and have been battling my mental health my whole life. Going into my first session with Erica, I was a little skeptical, but going through the process of hypnosis was insane. I'm still trying to wrap my head around what happened, but it was the most empowering experience for me to begin my journey of trauma recovery. I look forward to more sessions and can't thank Erica enough for opening my eyes up to this type of therapy"
Leaves Shadow

Brynne Boltjes, WA

"I have loved working with Erica McPherson for over a year and I highly recommend her to anyone looking for a holistic approach to healing. She has grown into a very skilled intuitive healer, teacher, and coach. She is not only great at what she does but also uses empathy, integrity, and values that make one feel safe, heard and understood while working through healing, personal traumas, fears, anxiety, and self-limiting beliefs.  She is my go-to holistic spiritual energy healer and coach who has also become a great friend."
Leaves Shadow

Liza Kay, MA

"Erica has the most heart centered and calming presence. She is extremely knowledgeable when it comes to understanding a science based perspective of Neurolinguistic techniques and pairing them seamlessly with hypnotherapy. She guided me through a peaceful process, where I felt so comfortable to share what came up for me and felt the immediate benefits. Erica handed me the tools to reprogram my own self limiting beliefs and transform my mindset. Not only was the hypnosis a surreal experience, the practical life advice she provided was exactly the guidance that I had been seeking. She led me to see from a higher perspective and an empowered viewpoint. Working with Erica is profound and life changing to say the least. It is a privilege and an honor to haver her in my life and I will continue to seek her expertise."
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